Helena Telkänranta
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Cover of Eläin ja ihminen     Cover of Millaista on olla eläin?

Cover of The Baltic Sea
Most of my books so far have been published in the Finnish language. The latest titles include two books on the current science of animal cognition and emotion: Eläin ja ihminen - mikä meitä yhdistää? (2016) and Millaista on olla eläin? (2015). The titles would translate as "An animal and a human - what do we have in common?" and "What's it like to be an animal?". Due to demand  and to several Finnish nonfiction awards, an English-language version of these books is under preparation.

One of my earlier books was written in English only.

The Baltic Sea. Discovering the sea of life (published by the Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission, 2006) is a nonfiction book on biodiversity and conservation of the Baltic Sea.