Helena Telkänranta
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The below are a selection of the main awards and nominations for my Finnish-language work in communicating science to the public. The links on further information open to Finnish-language sites.

State Award for Public Information 2016. Awarded by the Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland for the Finnish-language nonfiction book on animal cognition and emotions for lay readers, titled Millaista on olla eläin? (translating as What’s it like to be an animal?).

Award on Outstanding Non-Fiction Literature 2016. Awarded by the Finnish Association of Non-Fiction Writers in recognition of a number of books published over the years.

Lauri Jäntti Award 2016. Awarded by the Lauri Jäntti Foundation for the best Finnish-language non-fiction book published during previous year. The 2016 award was for the abovementioned book Millaista on olla eläin?

Shortlisted for Tieto-Finlandia Award 2015, the most prestigious nonfiction award in Finland, for the abovementioned book Millaista on olla eläin?

Science Journalist of the Year 2008. Awarded by The Finnish Association of Science Editors and Journalists for accurate coverage of animal welfare science and conservation biology.